Johnny Depp - Mega Pint? - STL files

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You poured yourself a mega pint of red wine, correct?

-A Mega Pint?

Package include a 3.9 in and a 5 in set split in 6 pieces each.

For bettter results it is recommended to print it in resin.

Instructions for printing in resin.

Distance from the ground of 3mm,

Angle of all objects at 45°.

Layer height as you wish,

Customized supports of preference

Instructions for filament printer:

Use the 5in file. If you want you can make it bigger

Layer height 0.12 speed max 80 mm/s

minimum 15% fill

minimum wall count 3

Walls top 3 bottom 4


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Two folders with 3.9in and 5in with all the stl files.


Johnny Depp - Mega Pint? - STL files

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